Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Rev. Peter M. Wallace: The Christian Call to Civility - Huffington Post

Rev. Peter M. Wallace: The Christian Call to Civility: "It almost seems as though all pretense of civility in our nation is evaporating in the heat and light of an increasingly divisive atmosphere fueled by a rabid 24/7 media.

So does all this mark the start of a malicious new world order, or is it the last barking snarl of a dying corpse?

As our society under God continues to progress in its acceptance, and even celebration, of one another -- despite our race, our gender, our orientation, our religion or even our politics -- those who hope to maintain their 'superiority' feel threatened and fearful. They are losing in the grand scheme of things, and with their backs against the wall they are fighting for their way no matter what.

As a person of faith, I join in the chorus of those who call us all to a higher ideal. I believe we can be better than this."

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