Monday, November 24, 2008

Bond and Obama: Deadly sin slayers -

Bond and Obama: Deadly sin slayers - Benjamin Pratt - "The big question buzzing through American households after the euphoria of our barrier-breaking presidential election is an uneasy awareness of the enormity of our crises: What do we do next? We need not only political and economic wisdom, we need spiritual guidance to restore our moral authority.

Comparisons between the Barack Obama election and Abraham Lincoln or Franklin Roosevelt are popping up everywhere. But, right now, we're being handed a most unlikely gift of moral and spiritual guidance: the debut of Bond ... James Bond, 007, in the long-awaited 'Quantum of Solace.' As that movie draws millions, it also will draw many back to the surprising moral compass to be found in the original Ian Fleming novels."


At 8:47 PM , Blogger The Seditionist said...

This side of Connery, I think "Quantum" is my favorite Bond. Politically acceptable for a change (even to the cars), some great performances, great location, and nice and fast and lean. All it needed was more DBS :(


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