Thursday, November 20, 2008

Mike Allred Hits All The Right Notes- PW

Mike Allred Hits All The Right Notes - 11/17/2008 12:45:00 PM - Publishers Weekly: "Ten years ago, Mike Allred woke up from a vivid dream with the inspiration for a comic book series, a movie and an album. He quickly set to work, creating the sci-fi/rock 'n' roll story Red Rocket 7, a labor of love that manages to integrate aliens, spaceships, robots and clones into the history of rock n’ roll from the 1950s right up until today. Originally published as a series by Dark Horse in the late 1990s, the dark days of the comics industry, the book is back in print now in a .45-record-sized collection from Image (Allred’s low-budget companion film, Astroesque, has yet to be picked up by Criterion). In an interview with PW Comics Week, Allred reflected on the original publication of Red Rocket 7 as well as this new edition; his love of rock ‘n’ roll and he looked forward to an a full slate of new projects. Those projects include the ongoing Madman series at Image, the slow-going development of a Madman film, a Marvel collaboration with Matt Fraction as well as a mysterious team-up planned with Neil Gaiman."


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