Sunday, November 23, 2008

The 40 Best TV Theme Songs of All Time - Paste

The 40 Best TV Theme Songs of All Time :: List of the Day :: Paste: "It's fashionable to lament the state of the TV theme song. Gone are the days when a show's whole premise was summed up in musical verse before every episode. Now we have Lost and it's single chord. And though I actually like Lost's simple spooky chime and have recently highlighted the 12 Best TV Theme Songs From Current Shows, there's no denying we're past the golden age of the TV show theme song. Take a look at the following list, and let me know where I'm wrong. I've included music without words, but I skipped over shows that used already popularized tunes like 'The William Tell Overture' from The Lone Ranger and 'Stand' from Get a Life."


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