Wednesday, May 07, 2008

A little goofy video

We have a weakness for elaborately choreographed, “How’d they do that?” music videos, and luckily for us, director Dougal Wilson (who previously directed this VSL favorite) seems determined to continually one-up himself in producing such pieces. In his video for the song “Happiness” (off the British band Goldfrapp’s nice new album Seventh Tree), Wilson’s camera follows an unbelievably spry young man in a white suit hopping through a bustling London neighborhood, waving happily to his neighbors, his hair perfectly styled and his clothes unruffled. His cheery bouncing fits the song’s beat perfectly but also provides a sly counterpoint to the mystified, slightly melancholic lyrics.

Wilson gives a wink to his previous work with the return of boys riding stunt bikes, and his introduction of a gang of kids on bouncing balls is clever — but if you want to see a truly inspired piece of casting, watch for the hopping dog.


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