Friday, May 02, 2008

Explore the Spirit: the Nuts, Bolts and Metanoia of "Iron Man"

Explore the Spirit: 159: Please Help Us Explore the Spiritual Nuts, Bolts and Metanoia of "Iron Man": "'If people are looking for spiritual themes in the story of Tony Stark becoming 'Iron Man,' they'll especially want to think about metanoia. The Greek is often translated as repentance, but it's really the whole idea of changing who we are and turning toward something else. Iron Man is one of the best examples in the whole superhero genre of a certain kind of person -- who then decides that he doesn't want to be that kind of person anymore.
'Instead of living his life as a philandering playboy, Tony Stark turns into someone who may still pretend to be a philandering playboy -- but he recognizes that this isn't the person he's supposed to be in life. And he turns himself into a heroic figure who really wants to do something to help the world.'
That's one of the movie-going tips today from Greg Garrett, a leading expert on faith and film and superheroes."


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