Thursday, May 01, 2008

UCC Head notes despair, anger, sadness over Wright affair

Just received via email: a letter from Dr. John Thomas, head of the United Church of Christ, discussed the recent events involving Dr. Jeremiah Wright and Trinity UCC:

Our broad range of emotions

It is understandable that members of the United Church of Christ have been wrestling with the controversy surrounding the Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. with the same broad set of emotions and frustrations that have been expressed nationwide in recent days and weeks.

What we've heard from many of you is concern for our denomination and the well-being of our local churches. For this I am grateful. There is also dismay and outrage that the United Church of Christ is being painted in broad, caricatured strokes that diminish and ignore the reality of our members' many viewpoints and our churches' diverse histories and perspectives.

While there is high regard for Rev. Wright's ministry and leadership at Trinity UCC in Chicago during the past thirty-six years, and for his prophetic, scriptural preaching, many of us today are troubled by some of his controversial comments and the substance and manner in which they have been communicated, both by him and as characterized by the media.

Following Rev. Wright's insightful interview with Bill Moyers on Friday, many in the UCC hopefully anticipated that the prophetic voice of the church would be more clearly understood by the public and affirmed. But, unfortunately, following widespread critique of his handling of questions and answers at the National Press Club, that deep hope has turned now to unsettling despair for many. There is a collective and abiding sadness and anger in the present moment, regardless of theological or political persuasion.


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