Thursday, November 29, 2007

TIME: New 'Split' Between Bush and Cheney on Diplomacy

TIME Preview: New 'Split' Between Bush and Cheney on Diplomacy: "The next issue of Time magazine, due out Friday, will cause ripples due to its Obama cover story, which ponders whether he is an agent of change in the race for the White House -- or is being changed by it. But a shorter article by its White House correspondent Massimo Calabresi should also get traction. Called, 'George W. Bush: Diplomat,' it reveals 'the split that has opened up between [President] Bush and his hard-line Veep.' Calabresi concludes that 'W. has come home' -- from 'Cheney and the unilateralists at one end' to the bosom of his father 'and the multilateralists at the other.' He actually has a 'late-blooming passion for diplomacy.'"


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