Monday, September 10, 2007

ComicMix.Com: Free online comics coming

ComicMix.Com: "In a few weeks, we’re adding the first of several major components to ComicMix. We’re doing brand-new serialized online comics by major comics talent, in traditional comics format, with an amazingly cool proprietary reader, and it’s all for free. Please note. I said “brand-new” and “major comics talent.” And I said free. What talent, you might ask? Well, to name but a few, and in alphabetical order, we’re talking about Mike Baron, Rick Burchett, Chris Burnham, Michael Davis, Ian Gibson, Dick Giordano, Mike Gold, Stuart Gordon, Mike Grell, Bo Hampton, Glenn Hauman, Marc Hempel, Lovern Kindierski, Linda Lessman, Jay Lynch, Frank McLaughlin, William Messner-Loebs, John Ostrander, Andrew Pepoy, Bob Pinaha, Michael H. Price, Bill Reinhold, Nick Runge, John K. Snyder III, Joe Staton, Martha Thomases, Robert Tinnell, Timothy Truman, Trevor Von Eeden, Mark Evan Walker, Matt Webb, Mark Wheatley, Skip Williamson, Marv Wolfman, and John Workman. And more. You think we’re going to tell you everything?"


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