Saturday, February 13, 2010

Craig Ferguson, late night's cheeky monkey -

Craig Ferguson, late night's cheeky monkey - "The most interesting person on late-night television is a 47-year-old Scottish reformed alcoholic high-school dropout, drummer, actor, comic and novelist named Craig Ferguson, who since 2005 has been hosting 'The Late Late Show,' which follows David Letterman's 'Late Show' on CBS. He is not the only talk show host whose work I like, or even the only one I'm tempted to call a genius -- the other would be Letterman, whose Worldwide Pants produces Ferguson's program -- but he's doing something that, though constructed within the recognizable parameters of a late-night American comedy talk show, is all his own thing: personal and free, mindless of rules and yet in control of the medium. It is direct and intimate in a way that hearkens back to earlier, less frilly days of television, and it is also hilarious."


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