Friday, February 12, 2010

Teabaggers upset Marvel Comics turned them into ’supervillains’ | Raw Story

Teabaggers upset Marvel Comics turned them into ’supervillains’ | Raw Story: "It seems there's a new third rail in American politics -- don't mess with the Tea Partiers -- and Marvel Comics has inadvertently grabbed it with both hands. And even though members of the Tea Party movement have extracted a half-hearted apology and a promised retraction from Marvel, their anger has barely abated.

In a recent issue of Captain America, the long-time superhero and his African-American partner The Falcon travel to Idaho to investigate a white supremacist militia group, the Watchdogs, who are long-time villains in the Marvel Universe. On the way, they pass an anti-tax rally where the protesters are holding up signs bearing familiar Tea Party slogans, such as 'Stop the Socialists!' and 'Tea Bag the Libs Before They Tea Bag You.'"


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