Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Spooky Conspiracy on Sci-Fi Frontier - ‘Fringe’ Review - NYTimes.com

Television Review - 'Fringe' - Spooky Conspiracy on Sci-Fi Frontier - ‘Fringe’ on Fox - Review - NYTimes.com: "...as pilots go, this one is sensational, an artful, suspenseful mix of horror, science fiction, layered conspiracies and extended car chases. “Fringe” sets out to stretch the boundaries of conventional network series. So did “Lost” when it began in 2004, but that ABC show was unlike any other drama in recent memory: characters stranded on a tropical island seemingly stalked by unknown and perhaps paranormal forces.

“Fringe” treads on more familiar territory. It is a lot like “The X-Files,” only this variation pairs a trusting female F.B.I. agent with a scientifically minded and skeptical male sidekick. There is even a hint of the paranoia that fueled another hit Mr. Abrams helped shape, “Alias.”"


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