Monday, September 08, 2008

Campbell Brown sparks a McCain-media firestorm - MarketWatch

Campbell Brown sparks a McCain-media firestorm - MarketWatch: "CNN anchor Campbell Brown didn't intend to trigger a firestorm at the Republican National Convention.

But she did anyway.

Shortly after Sen. John McCain tapped Sarah Palin as his running mate, Brown directed pointed questions to Tucker Bounds, a spokesman for McCain's campaign, about the qualifications of the little-known Alaska governor.

As the Los Angeles Times pointed out: 'Tensions -- and voices -- rose after the anchorwoman told Bounds that she was just 'trying to get someone from the campaign to explain what foreign policy experience [Palin] has.' Bounds repeatedly skirted the question, choosing instead to criticize Barack Obama's lack of executive experience.'

'It's surprising,' Brown said of the ensuing controversy when we spoke by phone last Thursday afternoon. 'It's what we do. I'm a journalist. My role and responsibility go beyond a job. It's a duty, an obligation. We're here to ask tough questions in a responsible way.'"


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