Tuesday, August 12, 2008

'Seinfeld' WHO? | ajc.com

'Seinfeld' WHO? | ajc.com: "Ten years after the final fresh episode of 'Seinfeld' aired, the seminal sitcom remains a fixture on TBS, its catchphrases fully ensconced in pop culture vernacular. ('Not that there's anything wrong with that.')

But over time, there's been a bit of, well, shrinkage.

Jerry Seinfeld himself is mostly retired, save for the occasional stand-up tour. Michael Richards has been incognito since his racist rant at a comedy club. Jason Alexander, after two failed sitcoms, is no longer a regular presence on TV. Only Julia Louis-Dreyfus remains in the spotlight, starring in CBS' "The New Adventures of Old Christine."

And although you can still catch "Seinfeld" repeats on TBS, ratings are down 21 percent year over year during the comparable first week of August."


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