Monday, June 02, 2008

Search to Divine Authorship Leads 'Footprints' to Court -

Search to Divine Authorship Leads 'Footprints' to Court - "The single set of footprints in the sand -- as millions of inspired souls now know -- was that time when the Lord picked you up and carried you. It's a metaphor, people: He is there when you need Him most, and so is the ubiquitous poem known as 'Footprints in the Sand,' shared around the world on posters, plaques, Bible covers and all things decoupage.

But who wrote it? God only knows, but after years of debate that used to confine itself to the Internet, 'Footprints' could be headed to court. Basil Zangare, a 49-year-old Long Island man, insists the poem was written by his late mother during the Great Depression, even though she did not get around to copyrighting it for 50 years.

Zangare filed suit May 12 in a federal court against two women who each promotes herself as the poem's sole author and true copyright holder. He claims they've made millions on 'Footprints'-related merchandise, money he wants a part of."


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