Thursday, June 12, 2008

Explore the Spirit: Glimpsing This "Ancient" Revival with Phyllis Tickle

Explore the Spirit: 188: Glimpsing This "Ancient" Revival with Writer and Architect Phyllis Tickle: "After decades as a leading journalist, reporting on the movement of faith in people's lives in many books as well as in the pages of Publishers Weekly magazine, Phyllis Tickle has glimpsed a dramatic transformation within Christianity. Quite simply, she sees millions of Christians -- Protestants as well as many Catholics -- so discouraged by what passes for religion in the churches they have inherited that they eagerly are reaching for something deeper and more authentic.

Phyllis believes they're reaching back -- way back to the origins of Christianity with Jesus of Nazareth -- and back even further than that to the Abrahamic origins of Judaism, Christianity and Islam."


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