Sunday, May 25, 2008

Hogan's Alley Bulletin: Reuben Award Winners

From Tom Heintjes:

The awards given by the National Cartoonists Society have just been given, and we wanted Hogan's Alley newsletter readers to hear the results first! In the Advertising Illustration Division, the winner is Tom Richmond. David Silverman won the Feature Animation Division. Stephen Silver won the Television Animation Division. Sandra Boynton won the Book Illustration Division. Shaun Tan won the Comic Book Division. Bill Schorr won the Editorial Cartoon Division. Mort Gerberg won the Gag Cartoon Division. Dave Mowder wno the Greeting Card Division. Daryll Collins won the Magazine Illustration Division. Sean Kelly won the Newspaper Illustration Division. Chad Carpenter won the Newspaper Panel Division. Jim Meddick won the Newspaper Strip Division. And the Reuben Award--the evening's top award for the best cartoonist of the year--went to Al Jaffee.


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