Monday, March 17, 2008

Obama's Rezko narrative --

Obama';s Rezko narrative -- "U.S. Sen. Barack Obama waited 16 months to attempt the exorcism. But when he finally sat down with the Tribune editorial board Friday, Obama offered a lengthy and, to us, plausible explanation for the presence of now-indicted businessman Tony Rezko in his personal and political lives.

The most remarkable facet of Obama's 92-minute discussion was that, at the outset, he pledged to answer every question the three dozen Tribune journalists crammed into the room would put to him. And he did.

Along the way he confronted the starkest innuendo that has dogged him and his campaign for the presidency: the suggestion that the purchase of an adjacent lot by Rezko's wife subtly subsidized the Obamas' purchase of their home on Chicago's South Side. 'This notion that somehow I got a discount and Rezko overpaid is simply not true ... simply, factually, incorrect,' Obama said Friday, adding that he didn't need any intervention from Rezko to grease the purchase of the house."


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