Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Intelligence Cover-Up - Editorial in New York Times

The Intelligence Cover-Up - Editorial in New York Times: "For more than two years now, Congress, the news media, current and former national security officials, think tanks and academic institutions have been engaged in a profound debate over how to modernize the law governing electronic spying to keep pace with technology. We keep hoping President Bush will join in.

Instead, the president offers propaganda intended to scare Americans, expand his powers, and erode civil liberties — and to ensure that no one is held to account for the illegal wiretapping he ordered after 9/11."


At 10:58 AM , Blogger dr. sheltie said...

I'm afraid I'd have to omit the news media, certainly television, from the "profound" debate concerning the balance between surveillance and civil liberties. I have yet to hear any of the major networks give this more than passing notice. If they do report on it, it's usually framed in the context of political "winners" and "losers"--as if this is nothing more than tabloid gossip.


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