Thursday, February 28, 2008

Michael Reagan blasts Cunningham

It's been interesting to see the aftermath of WLW radio host Bill Cunningham's embarrassing display using Obama's middle name at that McCain rally. Cunningham was chastened by McCain afterwards, to McCain's credit, but the right wing talk sphere has gone crazy about it.

In light of this, Al Peterson's NTS talk radio newsletter reports today:

Reagan Responds To Bill Cunningham Incident: In the wake of this week's brouhaha over WLW/Cincinnati host Bill Cunningham's controversial comments at a Republican rally for Senator John McCain, where Cunningham referred to the Democrat Presidential hopeful as Barack "Hussein" Obama, Radio America host Mike Reagan issued this response: "Bill Cunningham, by introducing Barack Obama's middle name as part of the national debate, was wrong. This use of code-speak, to somehow undercut Obama, cheapens the debate in this nation and cheapens those who use it. So many conservative talk show hosts claim the mantle of Reagan, yet would be hard-pressed to find a time my father, Ronald Reagan, ever issued an ad hominem attack on a political foe. Name-calling is best left on the playground and not in the arena of ideas. These pretenders to the throne would do well to study the civility, dignity and graciousness with which my father ran his campaigns and might seek to conduct themselves accordingly. In 2008, it is time to debate ideas, not middle names."

It's war in the right wing talk world!


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