Thursday, February 28, 2008

'Washington Post' Site Will Get A Major Facelift

'Washington Post' Site Will Get A Major Facelift: "For years, has been blazing a trail for newspaper Web sites, winning awards and breaking ground in everything from databases to its online chats. So why is it undergoing its biggest redesign ever?

Simple: In today's Web world, even the best sites can't stand still. 'The site represents who we were, not who we've become,' says Jim Brady, executive editor of the site that first launched in 1996. 'This is a reflection of what the Web site is all about: change. We have done a half-dozen redesigns in-house, but during the past five or six years it has been different parts of the site.'

Brady hopes to have the new design up before Election Day in November, citing the political campaigns as a major source for readership on the Web: 'We have to take advantage of that.'"


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