Wednesday, January 02, 2008

io9: Marvel Comics Renounces Marriage, Embraces Satanism

Spider-man: Marvel Comics Renounces Marriage, Embraces Satanism: "Eager to start the year off with a clean slate for their biggest franchise, Marvel Comics last week released Amazing Spider-Man #545, the final chapter of the 'One More Day' storyline. It was a comic that saw Peter Parker make a deal with the Devil that rewrote history, helpfully getting rid of his marriage, the death of his one-time best friend, last year's media-frenzy revelation of his public identity, and twenty-years' worth of stories (here's something to put it in some kind of context). How bad is the storyline in question? Well, for one thing the writer of the book, J. Michael Straczynski, publicly disowned his part in its creation. Plus, the fans are freaking out."


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