Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Explore the Spirit: Conversation with Fr Edward Beck

Explore The Spirit: Conversation with Fr Edward Beck: "If today's 'Conversation' sounds a bit like 'The Da Vinci Code' or 'National Treasure' -- well, it's proof that real spirituality often is far more fascinating than fiction. It's a true story, now in the form of a book by the red-hot Catholic writer, Father Edward L. Beck. And it starts like this:
While traveling far from home in a remote part of the world, Father Beck found a centuries-old icon of a fascinating image that transformed his life -- and that holds the power to transform yours as well ...
We are not kidding. That's how Beck's new book, 'Soul Provider,' begins. This is a real story about a real author -- and a really fascinating new book. That's Father Beck in the photo at right; that's the icon in the photo below.

BUT FIRST -- why do we call him 'red hot'?
Because Beck is more than a best-selling author. He's also successfully working in new forms of media, weaving innovative online spiritual connections with people -- like we are doing here at ReadTheSpirit.
Now, ABC News has signed Beck as the weekly host of 'All Together Now,' a new series on the ABC News NOW network. This series of video reports reaches ABC's online audience."

Check it out. Fr. Beck is a friend of mine, he even endorsed my last book! I am currently enjoying his latest book, SOUL PROVIDER.


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