Thursday, December 20, 2007

Bad Huck: the dark side of the GOP frontrunner (TNR)

Bad Huck: "[Arkansas] Reporters recall Huckabee as combative, even malicious, in response to critical coverage. He was known to attack reporters, fire off scathing e-mails to newsrooms, and complain to editors about probing questions. 'I was just astounded at how vindictive he was,' says Joan Duffy, who covered Huckabee for The Commercial Appeal of Memphis in the '90s. 'He took it all so personally. . . . You're either with him, or you're a mortal enemy.'

What's ironic about all this is how Huckabee--a graduate in speech and communications from Ouachita Baptist University and former p.r. director for televangelist James Robison--seems to be fashioning himself a sort of media-relations expert. About halfway through his campaign autobiography, Character Makes a Difference, Huckabee comments on his communications strategy. 'Several points are helpful in dealing with the media. One is not to be afraid,' he writes. 'If a newspaper reporter doesn't like you, there may be nothing you can do to change that. You have to be ready to counter it with other information outlets.'"


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