Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Daily Cartoonist: Man fired for posting Dilbert cartoon

The Daily Cartoonist: "In what may be the first documented case of an employee being fired for posting a Dilbert comic strip at the office, a Fort Madison (IL) man was fired back in October after pinning a Dilbert cartoonon a bulletin board that joked that management decisions were made by “drunken lemurs” (see cartoon).

In a recent state hearing for reviewing David Stewards unemployment benefits, it became public that Steward had been fired for “misconduct” by management after they used the casino’s surveillance tapes to find out who has posted the cartoon. Steward defended himself that posting the comic was meant to cheer some people up after management had notified employees that the casino was shutting down and that the 170 employees would be losing their jobs.

In the end, the Administrative Law Judge sided with Steward saying that posting the strip represented “‘a good-faith error in judgment,’ not intentional misbehavior.”"


At 4:11 AM , Blogger A-unit said...

It's not like alot of people got to see the comic strip. Someone tore it down very quickly. It brought up moral after hearing that the boat would be closed. Dave was one of my supervisors and his termination shocked many of us. Go Dave!!!!


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