Thursday, September 13, 2007

Will Durst on What's Wrong with America

Faith And The City :: Issues :: Social Environment :: Articles: "You know what's wrong with America? I mean, besides a headache medicine that you apply to your forehead? Our national obsession with 'me.' Me. Me. Me. Me. Me. Nobody ever thinks about 'us' anymore. It's all about 'me'. 'You' are on your own. 'We' is a convenient umbrella for a collection of like minded 'me's,' of which 'I' better play a feature part and 'they' and 'them' are simply obstacles to be steered clear of at all costs and knocked down and run over with track cleats if unavoidable. It's not totally our fault, as we are engaged in learned behavior. We, the people, or rather, me, the people, and you, the rabble, can legitimately claim to be magnificently obsessed with ourselves, because of the conduct we witness in our leaders. Dim luminaries observed daily giving less thought to what is good for the whole than an alligator gives to the mood of a brood of baby ducks before hungrily gobbling up both parents."


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