Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Music Industry goes mad; creates the "Ringle" -

Music Industry goes mad; creates the "Ringle" - "While the RIAA scrambles to discover new revenue streams to turn around sliding profits, they go and create a product that demonstrates exactly how out of touch they are with consumer trends...

...the 'Ringle.'

Yes, the 'ringle' - it's the unholy union of the nearly defunct CD Single with ringtones. Each 'Ringle' will feature one popular track, one (possible) remix, and an older track from the same artist - oh and the ringtone.

And the distribution medium of choice? Well, the CD of course! Complete with a slip-cover! ...

But it doesn't stop there. Because the price for the 'ringle' is expected to be come in at a whopping... strap in folks... $6 to $7 per Ringle."


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