Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Private eyes sneak into church group |

Private eyes sneak into church group | "When a new couple arrived at Southside Christian Fellowship Church in August 2005, members welcomed them with open arms.

Soon, the new couple talked their way into private group support sessions in the Stockbridge home of church member Ken King.

During the private talks, church members confessed abortions, sexual orientation issues, drug addictions and other dark secrets.

No one knew the couple wasn't actually interested in joining the church. Instead, they were private investigators hoping two church members, Bill and Leandra Pitts, would spill something they could use to discredit the pair in an ongoing lawsuit over a traffic accident. The private eyes even tape-recorded the sessions.

'This is just too far,' said Atlanta lawyer Wayne Grant, who's representing the couple in a lawsuit over the incident. 'People have a right to expect they could be comfortable being candid in that setting. This is an invasion of privacy to the worst degree.'"


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