Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Stan Lee on Geeks

Metromix. Geeks prophet says they inherited Earth: "As you might imagine, Stan Lee has a special place in his heart for comic-book geeks. They are the reason that, at age 84, he's still raking in cash with his creations -- including Iron Man, the next of Lee's characters to make it to the big screen, with Robert Downey Jr. starring as Tony Stark. 'These so-called geeks today are the doctors and the lawyers and the politicians of our time,' Lee told Armour & Co. when we called him at his Ventura, Calif., office last week. 'I remember Ronald Reagan was interviewed once and he said that he begins every morning reading 'Spider-Man' in the newspaper. If you meet a professional man today who isn't a comic-book geek or hasn't been, you have to be a little concerned about him.'"


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