Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Discover new species at website

…free your imagination… is a website that presents new species discovered this millennium and other natural wonders. explains:

Despite all of the terrifying research about global warming and its catastrophic effects on the animal kingdom (read: we’re doomed!), there are still new forms of life being discovered in the remaining remote parts of the earth. Now the Website Free Your Imagination keeps track of both newly discovered species and rare, extraordinary ones — describing them in easy-to-understand language, complete with photographs. The site’s highlights include such recent finds as a monstrous prehistoric shark and a frog with fluorescent-purple markings that kind of resembles an ’80s music-video dancer.

Some of the site’s species have more of a wow factor than others — such as the colossal squid the size of a school bus — but all of the articles serve to restore one’s sense of wonder at the world. What better way to inspire the general public to save the wilderness than with a newly declared subspecies in Borneo: the threatened, and ridiculously cute, pygmy elephant?


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