Friday, July 27, 2007

Barna: We Feel Good About Ourselves

Welcome to The Barna Group!: "Sociologists have good reason to call this the era of hyper-individualism, according to data from a newly released study from The Barna Group. Based on interviews with a nationally representative sample of more than 4000 adults, the self-image of American adults came through loud and clear.

Most Americans think of themselves as leaders (71%) and believe they are well-informed about current events (81%). They almost unanimously view themselves as independent thinkers (95%), and as loyal and reliable people (98%). They also say they are able to easily adapt to changes and a whopping four out of five people believe they are making a positive difference in the world. Two out of three adults noted that they like to be in control of situations."


At 4:12 PM , Blogger thelastnoel said...

Very interesting. I wonder what they're doing that they think they're making the world better.


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