Thursday, July 26, 2007

TIPC: Dark Horse reviving Creepy, Eerie

This is Pop Culture: "Can you tell Comicon is on in San Diego? There's loads of comics and pop culture news coming out. Like, for example, Dark Horse Comics is reviving Warren Publishing's Eerie and Creepy titles. Along with new material in those titles, Dark Horse will publish a series of hardcover archives collecting classic tales from Warren's original mags.

Many of today’s brightest stars will lend their talents to the venture, including horror legend Bernie Wrightson (City of Others) and modern master Steve Niles (30 Days of Night, Criminal Macabre).

Creepy is best remembered for its classic horror and was hosted by Uncle Creepy, while Eerie often ventured into science fiction and featured Cousin Eerie as its host. The rest of the gang includes Hunter, Child, El Cid, Marvin the Dead Thing, and the newly developed Creepy Family. The magazines, originally published by Jim Warren are remembered as presenting some of the era’s greatest genre comics work.

“Both Creepy and Eerie are fondly remembered by comics fans as representing the best of science fiction and horror, and Dark Horse is proud and excited to relaunch these classic titles,” said Dark Horse publisher Mike Richardson.

The deal also may lead to Creepy and/or Eerie titled TV and movie projects, the press release adds."


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