Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Novelists turn to comic books

Novelists turn to comic books - azcentral.com: "Author Jonathan Lethem was a big fan of the comic 'Omega the Unknown' when he was a boy growing up in Brooklyn, and he was pretty depressed when the superhero vanished from corner store shelves.

Never fear. He'll see Omega in print again soon, because Marvel Entertainment is reviving the comic after 30 years - with Lethem writing the story.

'I was very devoted as a teenager to comic books,' said Lethem, who recently finished a tour for his new novel, 'You Don't Love Me Yet.'

'I drifted to other kinds of reading, but I never lost interest in the medium.'

Lethem joins a growing list of novelists such as Stephen King and Michael Chabon, who have shifted to work on comic books as the medium gains critical and academic respect and becomes more mainstream."


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