Tuesday, May 08, 2007

ROTTEN TOMATOES: Comix Worst to Best

ROTTEN TOMATOES: Comix Worst to Best: "Let's be frank: comic books haven't had what you'd call an illustrious (groan) history onscreen. Until recently, the genre has yielded more than its share of duds -- 'Judge Dredd,' anyone? -- although many have proven to exceed our lofty hopes and expectations. With that in mind, we've once again broken out the trusty Tomatometer, set the dial for 'comic goodness,' and assembled a list of every comic book movie ever adapted from the pulpy pages of your favorite comic books, graphic novels, and syndicated strips. That's right, we've got all 94 of 'em, ranked from the absolute worst big-screen adaptations to the best-reviewed!"


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