Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Host With the Most: The Cult of Bob Barker -

Host With the Most: The Cult of Bob Barker - "'The Price Is Right' without Bob Barker could mean something profound to a lard-butt nation. Either he gets a life or you do. Maybe both.

Barker is 83 now. He's essentially the longest, oldest, most continuous anything on the air. At a recent taping of the game show in the spangly-sparkly CBS studio long ago named in his honor, he is wearing one of his perfectly fitted navy blue suits and a periwinkle blue tie. His face, neck and hands are layered in stage makeup the hue of pulverized Nevada, so much that you're not sure where it ends and the man begins. His hair (hair?) is snow white; he stopped dyeing it many seasons ago in a nod to the inevitable. 'What are you going to do after [you retire]?' an audience member shouts out during a commercial break.

'Well, I plan to do a little more drinking,' Barker deadpans."


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