Thursday, March 15, 2007

Sony BRAVIA - The Advert

Sony BRAVIA - The Advert: Pretty amazing!

Here's what says:
Don’t get us wrong — we love America and American stuff. But whenever we travel to Europe, we wonder why TV commercials over there are, at their best, so much more witty, provocative, and/or beautiful than American TV commercials. Case in point: a new 70-second European spot for Sony’s Bravia TVs, which we’re sharing with you simply because it’s both fun and magnificent, a rare combo. (In other words, we’re not getting any money for this. VSL never accepts payment for editorial coverage.)

Synched to a Rossini score, Colour shows gorgeous explosions of bright blue, green, pink, yellow, and purple paint in and around an abandoned high-rise housing complex in Glasgow.

And it’s all real, not computer-generated.

A-list music video director Jonathan Glazer (Radiohead, Massive Attack) spent 10 days with a crew of 250 setting up more than 600 explosive devices (basically bottle bombs) and 1,700 detonators linked by 35 miles of copper wire to send 18,000 gallons of paint thrillingly airborne.


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