Tuesday, March 13, 2007

MIN: Best and Worst Mag Covers

min online: Top Story: "Three years ago, except for his Illinois state senate constituents, Barack Obama would have generated a giant Who's he? The rest is 'Horatio Alger 101.' Obama keynotes the 2004 Democratic National Convention (August 2004), gets elected to the U.S. Senate (November 2004), writes the best-selling The Audacity of Hope (October 2006), and declares for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination (February 2007). That he is ' hot' is seen by his being the best-selling 2006 newsstand covers for both Time (under managing editor Rick Stengel) and Newsweek (with rival Hillary Rodham Clinton) last year. But for his camp, it is his being best in 2008--specifically, November 4, 2008 (Election Day)--that truly counts."


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