Monday, March 12, 2007

Philadelphia Inquirer: Olbermann

Philadelphia Inquirer - Another guy 'mad as hell': "Keith Olbermann types with one finger.

His right pointer. Eighty words a minute. We saw.

'I taught myself at 8,' he says. 'Every time I try to learn real typing, I get a little confused. I usually charge admission for people to see me.'

MSNBC doesn't pay its liberal provocateur to type. It pays him because, almost single-handedly, he's made the once-foundering network a serious player in the cable wars.

'Keith is MSNBC's rock star,' says Phil Griffin, NBC News senior vice president and executive in charge of its corporate cousin. 'People follow him. They believe in him.'

Well, liberals do. On Countdown, a newscast built around Olbermann's acerbic wit and passionate rants, he relentlessly pounds at President Bush and Fox News Channel's Bill O'Reilly, his nemesis at 8 weeknights.

That partisan approach works. Check the numbers."


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