Tuesday, February 02, 2010

The Epiphany Call - The Rev. Peter Wallace

The Epiphany Call - The Rev. Peter Wallace: "How did you find yourself doing what you're doing, being who you are? How did God's call come to you, and how did you respond to it?

Many years ago when I was still in elementary school, I didn't have any choice but to go to Vacation Bible School at Johnson Memorial Methodist Church in Huntington, W.Va., because my father was the pastor. But I enjoyed it anyway. One of the projects we worked on one summer under the guidance of dear Mrs. Robinette was to create a newspaper that would have been published during the time of the Apostle Paul. I jumped at the opportunity to create my own little tabloid with pencil on paper, complete with headlines, ads, and even comic strips circa 1st century CE. The news stories reported on this wacky traveling preacher who was creating a ruckus in Jesus' name.

That exercise had such an impact on me that, by the time I got to college, I decided to major in journalism, and for several years after graduating I worked for two newspapers in West Virginia. But my faith tugged at me during that time, and I wanted to move beyond merely reporting on secular events to writing from my heart and mind about my faith."


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