Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Amy Pascal Makes the Tough Call on 'Spider-Man' | The Wrap

Amy Pascal Makes the Tough Call on 'Spider-Man' | The Wrap: "In taking a deep breath and pulling the plug on 'Spider-Man 4,' Sony Pictures chairman Amy Pascal resolved a host of problems.

They included: making a movie with a 35-year-old actor in the role of teenager Peter Parker, sidestepping huge, certain blockbuster costs in a declining DVD market and – most of all – avoiding the curse of Number 4. (To wit: 'Superman 4' – worldwide gross: $15 million..)

Sure, she’s ending a franchise that has brought Sony more than $2.5 billion in ticket sales, and billions more in DVD sales. But those DVD sales are far from guaranteed in a fourth installment. The last 'Spider-Man' cost upwards of $250 million to make, and this one would likely have cost as much, or more."


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