Wednesday, December 30, 2009

News flash: the book isn't dead – yet - The Globe and Mail

News flash: the book isn't dead – yet - The Globe and Mail: "2009 could be remembered in publishing circles as the Year of the Vampire, and not just because of Stephenie Meyer's Twilight books for young readers – outstanding sellers in one of the few genres that grew over the year. The real demon of the book world is a pasty little device whose name begins with K, as in “Kapow!” and which now threatens to suck the remaining lifeblood out of traditional publishers already weakened by recession.

But that's their problem. For readers, 2009 was a year of miracles that brought massive price cuts on popular titles, and unprecedented choices in how to consume them. It was not the year the book died – not yet. It was the year “long-form content” finally threw off its cellulose shackles in lieu of dozens of intriguing new forms – in cyberspace, and even on cellphones."


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