Saturday, July 18, 2009

Legendary newsman Walter Cronkite dies at 92|

Legendary newsman Walter Cronkite dies at 92 | "Assuming his CBS anchor seat in 1962, the year before John Kennedy was shot, and leaving it in 1981, the year Ronald Reagan was elected president, Cronkite flourished in a pre-cable, pre-blogging era when TV news and the country came of age together. Such was Cronkite’s standing that his signature sign-off, “And that’s the way it is...,” became a nightly assurance most Americans took for granted.

Once considered the most trusted public person in America, Cronkite died at his home in New York at 7:42 p.m. Friday after a long illness, according to the Associated Press. He was born Nov. 4, 1916. He was 92."


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