Monday, July 13, 2009

Episcopal deputies support fully inclusive ordination process, ongoing commitment to Anglican communion

Episcopal Life Online - NEWS: "The House of Deputies by more than a 2-1 margin adopted a resolution July 12 that declares the ordination process of the Episcopal Church open to all individuals while expressing its ongoing commitment to the Anglican Communion.

The vote was 77-31 in the lay order and 74-25 in the clergy order. It now goes to the House of Bishops, where it must be passed to be enacted."

The resolution:

* reaffirms the continued participation of the Episcopal Church in the Anglican Communion;
* encourages dioceses, congregations and members to be involved in work throughout the communion;
* reaffirms the Episcopal Church's financial support of the Anglican Communion;
* acknowledges that the Listening Process with gay and lesbian people has resulted in General Convention's recognition that same-sex relationships represent fidelity and holy love;
* recognizes that gays and lesbians in such same-sex relationships have exercised ministry in the church;
* acknowledges that God has called and may call any individual in the church to any ordained ministry in the Episcopal Church, in accordance with the discernment process set forth in the Constitution and Canons of the church; and
* acknowledges that the Anglican Communion is not of one mind on these matters.


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