Sunday, June 28, 2009

NPR's Krista Tippett makes radio show a place of testimony

NPR's Krista Tippett makes radio show a place of testimony: "National Public Radio's Krista Tippett was no stranger to the grateful fans who filled a ballroom during the 27th General Synod in Grand Rapids, Mich. If she had her audience in the palm of her hand, they had the originator of the popular weekly radio program, 'Speaking of Faith,' in the arms of a giant embrace.

She described how surprised the NPR's skeptical staff was with the overwhelming reception of the program in which men and women — many unknown, some prominent in their fields — share their journeys to the center of life's meaning. At a time when several golden-voiced radio preachers have fallen from their pedestals in scandal, 'Speaking of Faith' meets the needs of listeners from many religious persuasions and others who reject institutional religion."


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