Friday, June 19, 2009

io9 - Marvel Chief Drops Thor Movie Hints

io9 - Marvel Chief Drops Thor Movie Hints - thor: "Marvel Comics chief Joe Quesada has been talking about the company's upcoming Thor movie, including what comics it'll draw from, why Kenneth Branagh is the ideal director, and the problems of making a Thor movie in the first place.

As part of his new 'Cup O' Joe' mini-site at comic site, Quesada spilled a lot of beans about the upcoming movie based on Marvel's particular take on the Norse God of Thunder. Casually mentioning that Branagh will be drawing from the original Stan Lee/Jack Kirby run of the series as well as the critically-acclaimed Walter Simonson run from the 1980s (Two runs that focused less on generic superheroing and more on the mythological aspect of the character), Quesada talked about Branagh pitching Marvel execs on his take on the movie..."


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