Monday, January 05, 2009

DIAL B for BLOG - Challengers of the Fantastic

DIAL B for BLOG - THE WORLD'S GREATEST COMIC BLOGAZINE: "Dial B for BLOG's first-ever issue of Secret Origins exposed the pulp roots of the Lee and Kirby's Fantastic Four! Now, as Dial B for BLOG prepares to end its run (just two new issues to go!), it's only fitting that we revisit the FF's origins -- this time, to reveal a little-known predecessor to the Fabulous FF -- a story that first appeared in Challengers of the Unknown #2 (Aug/Sept 1958), several years before the debut of the FF in November 1961.

The similarities between the two stories are SO strong that many people view the Challengers story as a prototype of the FF story. You be the judge! The Challs story, The Menace of the Invincible Challenger, was written by Dave Wood, with pencils by Jack Kirby and some inks by Jack's wife, Roz Kirby (blacks). The FF story, of course, is by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby."

Wait... Dial B, ending its run? Again!?


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