Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Rush blathers on...

From Aircheck radio newsletter:

Rush: "I Am Ready For Battle!"
That's the word today from Talk radio's most listened to conservative host Rush Limbaugh in the wake of last night's election of Democrat Barack Obama to the White House. "We're being told today that we need to be gracious in defeat," said El Rushbo on his Premiere Radio Networks show today (11/5). "My answer to that is, screw defeat! This is a war that there are skirmishes and battles in and we just lost a battle. We've got to be honest with ourselves about why we lost. Anytime you fail, if you don't examine yourself first, you will never understand what happened. The core of the problem is that that the Republican Party, for some inexplicable reason that I don't care about now, decided to abandon conservatism. We've now demonstrated to one and all how to lose." Noting the substantial number of people who voted for Republican John McCain vs. Obama Limbaugh added, "I for one do not think it wise to abandon 57 million Americans who want no part of an Obama agenda and I, for one, will not abandon them."


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