Monday, October 13, 2008

Spider-Man Musical will be most expensive Broadway show ever? - New York Post

TAYMOR'S WEB OF RICHES - New York Post: "IN this econ omy, every body's tight ening their belts. Every body, that is, but Julie Taymor.

The genius director of 'The Lion King' has never met a budget she didn't blow right past.

Case in point: 'Spider-Man,' her new show - extravaganza, really - whose budget has ballooned to $40 million, making it the most expensive production in theater history.

Some of the people involved (there are dozens and dozens, with more being added daily) are starting to blanch at the price tag. With straight faces, a few are running around town saying things like: 'Well, it's $40 million now, but we think we can get it down to $35 million.'"


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