Friday, April 04, 2008

io9: The Amazingly Awful Spider-Man

Found Footage: The Amazingly Awful Spider-Man: "It's pretty easy to see why the live-action Amazing Spider-Man show hasn't ever made it to DVD. It's not just the lame special effects, like the obvious stop-motion camerawork when Spider-Man uses his webshooters to grab someone's gun or cobweb a gun-happy dowager. Nor is it the fact that every episode includes half an hour of Peter Parker and friends sitting around discussing world affairs. There's also the extreme silliness, like Spider-Man using his Spider-Vision (huh?) to spy on the women's bathroom. Or the villains deciding 'there's no time' to unmask him after their Oddjob-esque henchman has used his throwing stars to collapse the balcony he was standing on. We've collected some of the silliest bits from one episode, just to illustrate why you should be writing postcards to demand CBS/Fox not issue this series on DVD."

I dunno, I still liked it!


At 2:31 AM , Blogger Richard said...

Yeah...the author of that review must be really young to have so little a clue. That show did a lot with a low budget, and it was a way more faithful comics translation than anything else we would have seen on television at that time, when everything had to be reworked as a Six Million Dollar Man clone to get on the air. What do kids today know?

P.S.: I know I owe you an e-mail, but I've been way too busy researching meat flavored drinks and stuff like that. Soon...


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