Thursday, April 24, 2008

Friedman: Jimmy Fallon Cinches Conan's Job - Jimmy Fallon Cinches Conan's Job - Celebrity Gossip | Entertainment News | Arts And Entertainment: "The word is out among the NBC brass: As rumored and bounced around for some time, Jimmy Fallon is set to take Conan O’Brien’s job as host of 'Late Night' in 2009. It’s a done deal.

Conan, of course, will be taking over for Jay Leno, who will leave the 'Tonight' show in May 2009 as part of a forced retirement.

There’s much debate about letting Leno leave NBC etc., but right now let’s just concentrate on Jimmy. He’s the perfect successor to Conan and should have just as big an audience when he takes the reins. Fallon is one of those great underrated performers. This should be the right milieu for him."


At 10:38 AM , Blogger Cary McNeal said...

Please say they are kidding. Jimmy Fallon? Did they not see "Taxi" with Queen Latifah?

Was no one else available? How about Seaman Jacobs? A dead guy propped up in a chair saying nothing would be infinitely funnier than Jimmy Fallon.

Heck, move up Craig Ferguson and at least put Fallon in the wee hours of the morning so we can avoid him.


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